BMR= basal metabolic rate, is the amount of energy expended at rest by a human.  BMR Is typically estimated using one of several validated formulas.  Fat free mass is the most important predictor of BMR. The full definition: “The energy required to fuel the basic organs while at complete rest in a temperature neutral environment, in the fed state, while at complete rest.”

RMR- resting metabolic rate, Resting metabolic rate (RMR) usually is measured by indirect calorimetry for a brief interval, and the results are then extrapolated to 24-hr resting energy production.

TDEE- Total daily energy expenditure- the total amount of energy a human would burn in a day. Can be measured using doubly labeled water method but often estimated based on weight and activity levels.  There are commercial products that measure movement and heart rate variability to estimate TDEE.  I think the most accurate calculator I’ve seen is:

ETF- “Eat The Food”- a phrase used widely in circles that read Matt Stone and Go Kaleo.  It’s unclear who coined the phrase though to the best of my knowledge it wasn’t either of them.  The concept is to not vilify foods, find peace with ones body and eating enough to support activity.

DMII- medical short hand for diabetes mellitus type 2, or “adult onset diabetes” which is brought on by progressive insulin resistance.  DMI being type 1, which is associated with pancreatic failure and insulin deficiency.


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